Beginner Kripalu Yoga

This class teaches basic breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation and beginner poses. The perfect class for those new to the practice of yoga, and those who want a deeper understanding of the fundamentals.

Intermediate Kripalu Yoga

Introduction of advanced breathing techniques (pranayama), and longer holdings in more challenging poses, guiding students to deeply explore asana as a doorway to the practice of inner awareness.

Meditative Posture Class

For students who are comfortable with their practice, able to modify poses as needed to keep themselves safe, we offer this deeper practice with longer holdings attuned to body wisdom.

Mixed Levels Kripalu Yoga

A beginner level practice with deeper variations offered for students who want a more advanced practice.

Prenatal Yoga

In prenatal yoga you will generate courage and self-confidence, deepen the bond with your baby, prepare for labor and strengthen your body and spirit.

Private Yoga Class

Private yoga classes are taught in my studio or at your home. They cater to your specific needs or interests.

Thai Foot Reflexology

Major energy lines in the body resolve into pressure points in the soles of the feet, reflecting a complete map of the entire body & all its organs and glands.

Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai yoga massage is a deep, full-body treatment, which includes both stretching of the joints and gentle rhythmic compression of the muscles.

Therapeutic Yoga

Using the techniques of Viniyoga (a special style of therapeutic yoga) this class uses modified yoga poses to promote proper posture, strengthen muscles, and relieve pain. Mindful breathing and meditation techniques are taught to relieve anxiety, depression and the effects of PTSD. Taught as a private class with follow-up sessions.