New Students

Yoga strengthens muscles and improves flexibility in a low impact, relaxing environment.


Welcome to Kripalu Yoga classes at Full Circle Yoga. The hallmark of Kripalu Yoga is a gentle, compassionate practice. In a Kripalu Yoga class, you have the opportunity to come home to yourself.

Let the stresses of your day slip away in the centering meditation. Deepen your awareness of your breath in your body with yogic breathing. Physical warm-ups open the joints and the practice of yoga postures gradually builds muscle strength and joint flexibility. Each class ends with a period of relaxation. Students report leaving yoga class feeling refreshed and renewed, with deep peace of mind.

Preparing for class

What kind of clothes should I wear?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing in layers so that you can remove/add layers as body temperature may change during the class.

Can I eat beforehand?

Refrain from eating or eat only lightly two hours before class. A piece of fruit or a glass of juice before class is fine.

Any other considerations?

Please do not wear perfumes, scented lotions or oils as they may cause allergic reactions in others.

When should I arrive?

We begin classes promptly at the start times. Plan to arrive about five to ten minutes early that you can settle in and get all the props you need.

Do I need to bring my own supplies?

The studio provides yoga mats, straps, blankets and blocks.


Can I bring my cell phone to class?

Please no cell phones, pagers or other electronics in the studio.

Where can I park?

There is a parking lot behind the studio, and a few spaces in front.

How can I get the most out of my Yoga classes?

To maximize the benefits of the class experience you should attend regularly, and practice at home at least once or twice a week.