Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is the oldest known holistic system of health and well-being. This class adapts traditional yogic techniques to help heal strained bodies and minds.

What is Therapeutic Yoga?

 If you are living with chronic pain, either physical or emotional, yoga can help.  Learn techniques to manage your mood or attend to a particular physical limitation.

For physical limitations:

  • Traditional yoga poses are adapted to strengthen weak muscles and relax overused areas
  • Students access the healing power of the breath
  • A customized practice for many physical limitations, for example: low back pain, neck and shoulder issues, irritable bowl syndrome

To manage your mood:

  • Learn special breathing techniques that alter brain chemistry
  • Use sound to facilitate the free flow of energy in the body
  • Practice a sequence of yoga postures that gently and gradually bring you into balance

How much does it cost?

$75 for the first one-hour session to create your home practice.  $60 for one follow-up session.

When is therapeutic yoga scheduled?

Sessions are scheduled at your convenience

How can I schedule a class?

Call the studio at 866-4103.